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Save time and stress with less tools.

Big announcements often have a big group of people involved. Some write the release, others perform final checks, your colleagues give feedback and the CEO needs to give their final approval to publish.

Getting lost in messy workflows is stressful and distracts you from getting things done. With Collaborate your team will work the whole lifecycle of a press release in the same tool, solving the mess and stress.

Assign your team

With every assignment you can write a brief message to let the assignee know what you expect them to do.

Chat with colleagues

Right from the place where you are writing your release you can instantly discuss progress with your team and notify them via email.

Assign reviewers

When you and your team are done writing the release it is time to assign your superior to review the release for a final check.

Approve or reject

Reviewers can be a manager, CEO or stakeholders to give their final say to publish your latest release. They can either approve or reject.

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“At Omnicom PR Group our team uses to set up and manage newsrooms for our clients. It’s intuitive and easy to use, you can assign, approve, publish and distribute new content from one tool.”

Dylan Prins, Omnicom PR Group