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Working together gets tough with lots of tools, what if you had just one?

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Streamline your workflow.

Who is doing what? Which version of the document are we on? Getting lost in messy workflows is stressful and distracts you from getting things done. Time to streamline your workflow.

Editorial user roles

Define each team member’s role. Writers can only write and submit news for approval. Reviewers can either approve or reject news. Publishers can write, review and publish content on the Newsroom.

User assignment

Assign specific press releases to your team members. With every assignment you can write a brief message to let the assignee know why you’re adding them to the press release.

Approval workflow

Make publishing accidents a thing of the past and be in total control over what gets published. Set up very simple or complex approval workflows with multiple approvers and external reviewers.

Activity feed

Refer to a detailed timeline of what happened, when it happened and who did it. This way you can stay updated on last-minute changes, rejections, approvals, and recently published news.

Collaborate features

  • Editorial workflow

  • Editorial user roles

  • Approval workflow

  • Activity feed

  • User assigning

  • Due date rotting

  • Overwrite handling

  • Revision history

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