Create online press releases with ease

Publish your online press release and help journalists and bloggers create engaging stories. Attach high resolution images ready for print, videos, sounds and documents to enrich your story. Use our toolkit to configure your press release in a few steps.



Focus on writing

Collaborate with your team on drafts before publishing. No technical skills required. No more draft releases going back and forth by email. Share a private url of your draft with coworkers to receive feedback and tweaks before publishing. We take care of the technical details so you can focus on story telling.

Editor writing

Add images, video and more

Share videos, documents, audio files and high resolution images, ready for print, directly from your press release. Store them for re-use in the Media Library. Your press release also works as your virtual dropbox accessible by journalists. Powerful visual elements drive reader engagement and increase understanding.

Editor attachment

Localize it!

Speaking the language of your customers creates value for your company. Customize your release for the local market: 12 languages are already available. More info: read this blog post.

Newsroom languages

Publish now or under embargo

Timing is crucial! Keep your media friends close and your reputation intact with just 2 clicks. An embargoed press release allows you to send the release to targeted media outlets before the news is published. Make sure you use embargoes to time your news to perfection. Check out this video to learn more.

Newsrelease embargo

Optimized for the social web

Your clients, partners and employees can help you spread the news. We make it easy for your readers to share your news with just a click. Add your social media pitch and create a clear call to action to encourage readers to share your press release on social media.

Newsrelease social

Done, you have a press release! Now how can you distribute it to your media contacts?