Keeping a consistent message across global teams is tough, time to take control.

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The Global workflow: Take control of your story

Working with multiple teams and agencies across borders is always tricky. How do you keep your message consistent? How do you verify their output? Global is the solution for you.

Delegate news

Assign local teams or agencies to rewrite global announcements to fit their respective local markets. Write a brief to include any details.

Teams are notified

The original release will be duplicated for each assigned team, they'll be notified by email and can get started the click of a button.

Translate the news

Besides translating the release to their local language, the local teams could also rewrite it to better fit their respective market.

Publish in local market

Once the writing is done, you can make sure local teams first need to ask you for approval or allow them to publish directly themselves.

A selection of companies using Global:

Top features:

API integration

Want to integrate your newsroom into your website? Want to display a feed of your latest news on your homepage? Need to integrate with your app?

We have an API for that. The contents are available in JSON format through our open API for you to display. You can build a media page in your website and show exactly what you want. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Password protection

Built for brands that want their to be available only for an exclusive audience. Create logins for the people you'd like to give access to your newsroom. You can always revoke access for specific logins when you want to stop giving access to certain people.

“My goal is to get as much free media exposure as possible. The best way I can do that is by making sure my relationships with media contacts are as good as they can be. I make sure information is clear, consistent and sent in good time. I need to be reliable. This is where really helps.”

— Ben Hillsdon, PR Manager