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Keeping a consistent message across global teams is tough, time to take control.

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Take control of your story.

Working with multiple teams and agencies across borders is always tricky. How do you keep your message consistent? How do you verify their output? Global is the solution for you.

News delegation

Delegate global news to local teams and agencies. They will receive a notification that there's a press release assigned to them, what time it should be published and who to distribute it to.

Global approvers

Make sure your head office is always in the loop about news being published in local markets. This can either be a strict policy or an open structure where HQ is only involved with the most important news.

Global media library

Set up a shared global media library for all local teams and agencies. This way everybody has access to the right logos, product photos, and other media assets.

Password protection

Built for brands that don’t want their news publicly available. Create logins for the people you'd like to give access to your Newsroom. You can always add, remove or disable logins.

Global features

  • News delegation

  • Global approvers

  • Global media library

  • Global presskits

  • Global spokesperson profiles

  • Password protection

  • Press release tagging

  • Newsroom API

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