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Match (beta)

Announcing Match for the technology industry.
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Match with journalists.

Match analyses your press release and pairs it with journalists and bloggers who have written about your topic. Now you can match each press release with relevant journalists.

Behind the scenes

Match tracks hundreds of publishers in the tech industry, analyses every published article and assigns it to the right journalist in our database. We perform the same analysis on your press release and then compare it with the articles in our database to create the perfect "match".

How does it work?

Requesting a Match is easy. Simply choose ‘Match distribution’ in the distributions step of your campaign to submit your press release for analysis. Once the process is complete on our end, you’ll receive an email notification that you can now move to the distribution phase. Write the email message you'd like to send the journalists and you're done!

Technology industry

For this Beta we are focused on journalists from the technology industry. We developed this Beta for a specific sector first to ensure we deliver quality journalists, articles and publishers.

Private beta program

Match is currently in Private Beta. During this phase we control the number of users who can access the service. It is currently limited to 50 beta testers, but we will gradually increase this over time.

Give Match a spin.

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You have successfully signed up for the Match beta.

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