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Match with the most relevant influencers for your news.

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Together with you we make an analysis of your target audience and the topics that you are all about. From there our machine learning algorithms will match you with the most relevant journalists, bloggers and influencers who've most recently written about those exact same topics.

Matching journalists

After an intake-call we produce a list of matches relevant to your target audience and the topics your write about.

Cherry-pick yourself

Before we add the matches to your account, we allow you to review and cherry-pick the most relevant matches yourself.

Always up-to-date

We will make sure your matches are always up to date. If someone new starts writing about your topics they'll be added automatically!

Pitch your news

Whenever you are ready you can now select your matches and send them an email pitch, just as with's regular email distributions.

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“My goal is to get as much free media exposure as possible. The best way I can do that is by making sure my relationships with media contacts are as good as they can be. I make sure information is clear, consistent and sent in good time. I need to be reliable. This is where really helps.”

— Ben Hillsdon, PR Manager