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Publish your news in just a few steps

Set up your newsroom, write and publish your news, add clippings, prepare presskits and instantly build an audience by letting your visitors sign up to your future news. It only takes minutes to set up.

Write your news

Compose stunning press releases and enrich them with high resolution images, embedded videos and documents. Share drafts with your colleagues and never lose progress with revision history.

Pick a publish date

Publish your release immediately or schedule it for specific date. Make use of the embargo functionality to give certain people early access to your news before it goes public.

Publish in newsroom

Your newsroom is the landing page for all news and announcements about your company, fully matched with your corporate branding. Our newsrooms are SEO and mobile friendly.

Receive reporting

Learn from how your release performed and improve your work. Find out how many people viewed your release, when they visited and attach clippings to your reports.

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Premium integration service

Fully integrate your newsroom with your website. We will take care of all the work for you: a design workshop to determine your needs, the building of the custom layout and the communication with your IT-department to connect it all with your website.

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“With the launch of this newsroom Ghent sets course towards digital press innovation and the online distribution of news, which is part of our communications policy.”

Daniël Termont, Mayor of Ghent