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Public-facing news websites built for your audience

Elevate your branding with tailor-made media centres, online newsrooms, press pages, and thought leadership blogs. Pitch interactive content, get feedback, and track results: all from one straightforward platform.

We remove all technical hurdles so your communications and engineering teams can focus on what they do best.

Your news website

Remove all excuses for journalists to write about you, with's intuitive newsrooms, media centers and press pages a journalist can find all the information they need to cover your brand.

Modern publishing

Compose stunning press releases and enrich them with high resolution images, embedded videos and documents. Share drafts with your colleagues and never lose progress with revision history.


Publish your news immediately or schedule it for specific date. Make use of the embargo functionality to give specific people early access to your news before it goes public.

Insights & Clippings

Learn from how your release performed and improve your work. Find out how many people viewed your release, when they visited and attach clippings to your reports.

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Tailor-made design

Go the extra mile in terms of customization and branding, or, fully integrate your newsroom with your website, we'll make it happen for you! We'll work together with your IT-department, branding team, and yourself to make sure your news website is fully on-brand and aligned with your corporate branding.

API integration

Want to integrate your newsroom into your website? Want to display a feed of your latest news on your homepage? Need to integrate with your app?

We have an API for that. The contents are available in JSON format through our open API for you to display. You can build a media page in your website and show exactly what you want. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Password protection

Built for brands that want their to be available only for an exclusive audience. Create logins for the people you'd like to give access to your newsroom. You can always revoke access for specific logins when you want to stop giving access to certain people.

Recently launched tailor-made newsrooms

“Earned media and partnerships are an essential part of the WeTransfer brand. We needed a dedicated newsroom combining all our announcements, press kits, features in the media, contact details and company facts. Working directly with our creative team, built a great media center, fully matching with WeTransfer’s branding.”

Annematt Ruseler, Director of Communications