Track your PR efforts

Measure and quantify your PR efforts. Now that your press release is out, you have to analyze and improve your performance. Track in real time the progress of your press release to refine your communication strategy.



Add your clippings

Track and measure earned media. Collect links to articles about your brand or company in your newsroom. It's easy with the clippings bookmarklet which you can add to your bookmarks bar. We provide a screenshot of your links and docs to let you archive your earned media in one place. See how adding a clipping works in this video.

Reports clipping

Get real time analytics

Track and measure what your campaign is doing. Our analytics allow you to measure in real time: delivery rate, open rate, clicks, and the rate of unsubscribes. Collect useful data to find key media contacts and improve your communication.

Reports graph

Connect to Google Analytics

If you want to get even more data out of your press releases, you can integrate your Google Analytics account in a few steps. Unleash the full power of Google Analytics! Here is a quick tutorial.

Reports analytics

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