Don't wait for people to come to your news, take your news straight to them.

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Deliver your news.

Deliver the right news, to the right people, at the right time using our email distributions. You can measure the engagement for each distribution thanks to our real-time reporting. Manage and keep track of your contact groups using the Contacts CRM.

Manage contacts

Manage and keep track of your network of press, influencers and other stakeholders. Organise them into lists and maintain detailed profiles for each contact.

Write your email

Personalize each message using the information from your contact’s profiles. Write different messages for different lists to keep your emails relevant and effective.

Delivering emails...

Schedule your emails to be delivered at a specific time or instantly as your press release is published. Just sit back and relax while pr.co takes care of the rest.

Learn from reports

Track and learn how your emails are performing. Which contacts have opened your email? Who clicked through to the release? Real-time reports provide you the answer.

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“With the launch of this newsroom Ghent sets course towards digital press innovation and the online distribution of news, which is part of our communications policy.”

Daniël Termont, Mayor of Ghent